Manatees Don't Care


  1. I showed five people as soon as I saw it. Genius. I wrote a bit about your work on my design blog here: http://shinydesignblog.blogspot.com/

    I have a few questions: Is the character's name "Laid-off Guy"? If so, awesome. Also, is this guy a designer or something? I'm feeling a lot of his pain either way.

  2. Hey Kerri,
    "Laid-off guy" isn't really his name. He's just a guy who's laid-off. But maybe that should be his name. We have a "The Family Guy". So why not?

  3. your haiku about the manatee today is very insalting...the are the gentalest creatures in the sea and should be treated with loving and care its not their falt that their lazy...and all they do during the day is sit at the bottom of the ocean chewing on sea grass and acquatic flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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